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Originally Posted by backfill View Post
I have a BMW shop manual for this bike. Is it helpful to get the Clymer/Haynes manual for it as well?.....

If the drive shaft on the R100R is dry, does this mean that there are no splines to lube?.....
Yes and no. There are no final drive related splines to lube. There is a clutch input spline to be lube. You will find lots of debate online about if, when and how to do the latter.

One of the first things I did was change the engine, transmission and rear end (final drive?) oil - this was done before riding it at all. I also changed the plugs and cleaned the carbs, but didn't replace any carb gaskets. I guess that should be done this winter. I will do that before trying to sync the carbs.....
If some tweaking gets the bike running as it should, no urgency to go back into the carbs if nothing is leaking. The normal carb cleaning sprays cleaners will attack o-rings (and diaphragms) and poorly sealing o-rings can cause some very odd running characteristics.

The pushrod seals are oozing a bit, not dripping but enough to get the oil pan messy. Because if this, i bought a new oil pan gasket thinking this was the problem, but haven't installed it since I determined that it is the seals.....
As noted above, no push rod tube "re-setting" procedure on later airheads. A useful upgrade is to fit an oil pan, pick up, perforated plate and requisite dip stick from a monolever bike. It is deeper and allows a little more oil and more windage in the crankcase.

Reading through the threads here on the airhead forum, the purchase price for Barney might have been a bit high....
A $2,000 purchase price is a great deal on any airhead.

So far this has been a fairly inexpensive motorcycle purchase. I hope it stays that way......
Airheads are not "cheap" rides. They can go on forever with good and regular maintenance, parts availability is very good, but parts are not cheap and the opportunity for "farkle creep" is huge.

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