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Some Good Deals on FleaBay

There are certainly many bad deals on bikes and parts on the Ebay channel. So this thread is for the not so bad deals. This one is not a really good deal but I don't think this tool is available any more. I've had mine for about 35 years. When I wasn't riding an Airhead for a couple of years I still had this. It is one of the most impressive and even intimidating tools you will ever own. This price is just OK. This is what this tool would cost you over the counter if it was still made. A lot of you new comers will have to buy an after market version of this tool. It is one of the must have tools when working on an Airhead. You can have the original. Not considered a portable tool for those of you spending too much time on the road. But this wrench will get those stuck exhaust nuts off.

You probably thought this price was too high if you saw this at all. I beg to differ. This price is fair.
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