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Originally Posted by FlowBee View Post
Thanks for the updates. Nice info about the hotels.

Got more photos? Any observations from the road? Feel free to share. The rest of us are stuck in cubicles for now...
Sure I will share a few more thoughts. I don't have a full keyboard ( using a touchscreen) which is part of the reason the text is a bit skimpy.

But I will pause here after two weeks to make a few general observations while I try and cool down in the shade. It should go without saying that these are about me and not universal.

First, the hardest partis leaving. Missing my wife and kids is far and away the toughest part of traveling, especially for this length. I am not sure about other guys, but I genuinely enjoy spending a lot of time with my family and my wife is truly my best friend and I miss talking to her.

Second, I think it is important to take breaks. That first week of traveling 8-10 hours a day got old. And that fatigue brought me down. Need to eat too.

Having said that, it has taken me at least these two weeks to settle into a rhythm. That includes taking a day off after a couple days of riding. Also, I am only eating about one big meal each day. Which one depends on what is going on, but I otherwise snack.

On the food front, I will try not and jinx it but no major stomach issues yet. I do try and drink a yogurt each day and I think that helps me a lot. They sell some tasty yoplait ones at the OXXO. My stomach was a little off a day in Guanajuato, but I think that was just 10 days of a different diet catching up with me. That and having four whole beers over only three hours the night before with John.

I also have tried to experience local cuisine, but I am not making a big deal about that. Food is part of traveling, but a less important part to me.

Now I am going to wonder back to the beach and enjoy the sounds of crashing waves. Us mountain folk do not get to hear that often.

Finally, I will note that I seem to be averaging about 750 pesos a day so far. That includes about 200 for gas on riding days, but I tend to spend that walking around on off days. Another 200 pesos on food each day (100 on the real meal and another 100 on snacks/drinks). About 300 on lodging averaged and the other 50 on laundry/ misc.
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