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Originally Posted by marcone View Post
Any update on the outcome on this?

The guy with the luggage said it maid things right for HolyCannoli in the end for :
Last line states: "I already made things right even for him, hope he is pleased".

I am not sure how he made things right as I still have no money and no luggage. Istvan emailed me on 9/19 saying:
In 7 days the payment is made to you
7 days came and went with no contact at all. So I emailed again on the 26th & 27th asking why he keeps jerking me around like this. His response came on 9/29 along with 20 photos of luggage...


It is not difficult and look things from your point of view
You're absolutely right I never said it would not be so
Unfortunately for me it was just delayed, I depended too much on others
Only now can say that I came not to depend on anyone
cause I'm all alone
There happened to not honor an order and I'm not going to do
that for-like commands Fri constant (with all that negative advertising
is still advertising)
Unfortunately after some good intentions of fellow
Monday I will end with the body control that you have to visit
months immediately sit back control over what you make and pay
and you're the only one I send them a bonus offered many gift sets
so that I will send you a set of bags bonus for me
I want to tell you that do not require compassion
but I started this one, his wife died, and I invested everything I had in
this business
Thank you for your understanding and we hear Monday
I am not sure what he was trying to tell me with this and unfortunately, he hasn't emailed me back. I am going to try to post of some of the Romanian sites he is on frequently as he seems to be selling a lot of his stuff in the country now but none of the sites have english translations so it is really difficult.

I know this guy has made a lot of bags for lots of people. I can;t understand why he picked me to rip off but I guess thats just the way it is.
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