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Originally Posted by mcma111 View Post
Took it to Engine Dynamics in Petaluma and he drilled it out and Helicoiled it WHILE I WAITED. Then we measured it and found it out of spec so I left it for an over bore piston. Should be done in about a week.
You need to look after those guys!

A few years ago I took a frame to be blasted and powder coated by a local company. "It'll take about a week, possibly two" says the man. "Fair enough" says I. He phoned me up at work later that day, "You can pick it up on your way home". He did a superb job on it too.

He told me that he didn't really do motorcycle parts anymore because, after blasting a frame he'd check the part to see if there were any problems and report back to the owner. No point in coating a frame that was going to need repair. He'd spotted a serious issue with the shock mounting points on some frame and told the owner, who having lots of attitude but not a lot of common sense, threatened violence if the guy just didn't powder coat the thing; and then he refused to pay for it. What a Dick!
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