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Question 1982 R65 and 10 % ethanol gasoline

Hello !
I own this baby for 30 years now.
When she was build there was 97 leaded fuel in Europe. Not we only have 95 unleaded and it's going to be phased out because the 95-E10 is coming out. And it's replacing the 95 pumps very quick.
I asked BMW and they told me I've to stick to 97 grade with lead substitute..... which we can't get anymore...
So as I understood you guys on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean have Ethanol in your gasoline since a long time, I ask you to tell me what I can expect if she runs on 95-E10 petrol....
What kind of trouble should I expect and what modification should I made ... to keep her running ? (after all she only got 170 000 km on the odometer so just past the end of the warranty .... )
Many thanks in advance for you advices and thoughts !
P.S. : I'm told the "regular" unleaded fuel already contains ethanol but in a few % ratio... So I think it's not the ethanol per se which is harmful but the amount of ethanol ...
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