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Originally Posted by JimRidesThis View Post
You need to look after those guys!

A few years ago I took a frame to be blasted and powder coated by a local company. "It'll take about a week, possibly two" says the man. "Fair enough" says I. He phoned me up at work later that day, "You can pick it up on your way home". He did a superb job on it too.

He told me that he didn't really do motorcycle parts anymore because, after blasting a frame he'd check the part to see if there were any problems and report back to the owner. No point in coating a frame that was going to need repair. He'd spotted a serious issue with the shock mounting points on some frame and told the owner, who having lots of attitude but not a lot of common sense, threatened violence if the guy just didn't powder coat the thing; and then he refused to pay for it. What a Dick!
With my machinist, the longer he has it the lower the price gets, I have more pacients than money so I'm ok for now, The scoots holding up so far, curbing my adventure needs, Kind of.
If you get the chance check out it's RR.

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