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thanks for all the replies

The trick that was missing was what crazydrummerdude mentioned. You have to put 12v to the spade connector in addition to the main positive.

So here were my tests today, tested it on the bench with a battery providing power. Seemed like it wound up ok, but my suspicion is the bearings are going. Seemed like it wound down to fast and was "vibrating" a bit more than I would have expected during wind down. I got none of the solenoid clicking.

Next test, lay it on the engine, hook up batter and starter and test it with the bikes starting system. Same result. At this point started to think that there was a contact issue that I disturbed and it "fixed itself"

Put bike back together with the idea that the starter needs replacing due to the bearing/wind down feel, but that I had fixed the problem. Yeah, no. Went back to the old turnover, clicking, turnover, clicking thing.

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