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The New World II.12 – Utah and Arizona

Since today we had some free time in Creel, we had some time for a new entry. So I hope you will enjoy Utah and Arizona.

Utah and Arizona: September 16 – 19

We are going to Utah (that’s North of Las Vegas) but first we go…. South. We take a small detour to see Hoover Dam. We find a view point on the new bridge built as a safety measure so that the big trucks won’t pass on the dam. I admit this is a big, impressive dam and every time I will see an action movie with Special OPs descending on the dam I will be able to say “Ah, I’ve been there”.

We didn’t spend too much time there but we did get into Arizona by foot from there and that is because the dam is between Nevada and Arizona. It is time to head North so we get back to Nevada, to the parking lot where the motorcycle is parked. Utah, here we come.
We notice that the sky is full of clouds. Really, it’s gonna rain in Nevada?!?!?
We are going to Ivins, where the friends of our friends in Monterey are waiting for us. It is not far so we enjoy every kilometer.
The sun is descending and manages to trick the clouds and saturate the red of the cliffs.
When the light is perfect for taking pictures we are usually worried with “where are we gonna camp”. This time we know we don’t have to worry so we are enjoying the lines and colors.
We don’t get to Ivins, Brent and Pam live in a very special neighborhood, in the desert, at the bottom of a canyon. What makes it special? Let me show you.
The background is fabulous and the positioning scenic but what do these houses have? Or don’t have? Well, they don’t have posts. Actually there are no wires that you can see and no sewer.
Houses have no upstairs and they all borrow the natural colors that surrounds the area. Even the antennas are tinny and same color as the house.
The inside of the house may be comfortable, luxurious according to the owner’s budget but on the inside there is no extravaganza. Sun goes down over the desert houses and we go outside to see this:
The night is silent. No music from your neighbor, no barbecue smoke. Your hearing is fine, you can still hear the band of crickets.
Why is this possible? Common visions? Maybe. But actually when you buy land over there you accept the rules of the land. It is your property but you cannot do whatever you want with/ on it. For instance, the house cannot take more than 25% of the property.
Before you start building, you put poles on the premises the house will be built and your neighbors have a certain period of time to decide if the height or position of the house is ok with them. If it is not, you start the discussions or go back to the design phase.
Staying with Brent and Pam was a good chance for us to glance at a different kind of world. Water has a different shade of blue in the middle of the desert and windows seem cleaner when you see red cliffs through them.
But as many times before, we were impressed by the people and we learn something else from every place we stay at.
Next we will visit two natural parks, Zion in Utah and Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Are we in Cappadochia?
The oriental adventure is far away now. We are in America. The America we used to see on TV in the ’90 with cowboys and canyons.
We didn’t see any cowboys but we had to leave our “horse” at the entrance in Zion and take… the bus.
I was telling you in an earlier post that we enjoyed Yosemite but didn’t like it that it was packed with cars and people. Apparently it was the same in Zion before 2000 when the park administration decided to deny access to cars/ RVs/ motorcycles or any other type of vehicle. You want to visit the park? Very well, leave your vehicle at the entrance and take one of the shuttle buses with several stops along the way. Easy and efficient.
I cannot say that Zion is more spectacular than Yosemite, they are just different. But for sure Zion was more peaceful and we left from there more relaxed.
We continue Southwards and even the road is readish in this parts.
And what a road! It is a pleasure following it along the ridges.
It seems like under this rocks a history of milenia is hiding. The New World maybe for us, but a very old world indeed…
The tarmac sneaks out intro the prairies opening out the views.
And down the road we see, yet another time, that the journey can take many forms but the important thing is to keep walking!
We cannot take him with us, but at least we hope that the the rain will not catch him. Finally after the last few days of clouds in Nevada and in Utah, the rain shows itself in… Arizona.
And because nothing was blocking my view I could follow the movement of the coulds and their wet traces on the earth over the vast planes. I felt like in one of those old ATARI games, where you need to run from the phantoms in a labyrinth.
While trying to dodge the rain showers we pass by a rare thing. So here it goes: the RV is not a mini-bus and it doesn’t pull behind a bad ass SUV but a small and funny car. It even had the matching colors. How cool is that!
We follow the route which takes us to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. And with us Autumn was riding…
And here it is. The Great Canyon. Well known, well marketed. So we were expecting greatness. And still we remain speechless when we reach the rim. The pictures don’t do it justice but let’s try with a few:
We like it so much there that we are willing to splurge on a room in the lodge that was just on the edge of the canyon. They didn’t had any room left so, 100 dollars “saved”, we track our way back and with us the last rays of sun leave the national park.
In the night, lighting struck fall around us and light up sky and earth. But our camera is long gone in the tankbang while we are rushing for a dry place to sleep. We have the opportunity to escape yet again the big rains and find a cheap place to call it a day.
During the last days we’ve traveled through some amazing wonders of nature. Thoughts run between what we’ve seen in the past and what we hope to see from now on in the future. Tomorrow will be a new day, for everyone.
Next time we continue to discover Arizona, we spend some time on Route 66, and we see how plans made have to change when we reach the border with Mexico. Stay tuned!
We are exploring the New World
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