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Originally Posted by aGremlin View Post
Wow - intense write up!! Thanks for taking the time to post it all up. Very educational. Time consuming, for sure, but didn't seem too overly complicated.

Originally Posted by Beemerlover View Post
I'm getting a '13 GSA with ESA around the end of the month and my plan is to replace the shocks with free OEM units if they fail within the warranty period (naturally). Otherwise, I'll definitely go with Ohlins or Wilbers after the bike warranty expires.

Off subject, but I wonder what those electronic shocks on the new water cooled GS's cost per pair? $5000-$6000 maybe?
So you're headed into the purchase with a game plan for post-warranty failure? Wow, I bet you don't cop a squat without a plan either. You Russian by chance? Just messing with you. I figure on looking at the Wilburs or by then trading on the new model...

Originally Posted by Hair View Post
When setting ESA there are two modes. You can set damping while on the move. But you must be not moving when adjusting preload.
My question is. Is there a way to dial the preload in before one enguages ESA. That way for heaver riders the one up, two up, and luggage mode makes sense. Otherwise one uses the rider with luggage to get the single rider setting close. And so on.
I'm no expert, but I've spent way more hours reading on the forum than I care to admit, especially prior to my purchase, and I've never run across anyone saying this possible. I think most people just adjust to the next level as needed. Would be kind of cool to manually set the inital setting for yourself and then use ESA from that point.
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