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Originally Posted by Hair View Post
Lobby when the time comes to respring the bike. You might have to get the current springs measured for stiffness. I've never seen a spring rate chart either.

It kind of buggs me. With the old preload. One could load the bike right up to it's limit just by changing the amount of preload. It's not the ideal way of doing it. But it worked.
Now with just three settings, normal, comfort and sport. I don't see a way that a person can load the bike to it's rated load limit.
The settings you mention are for the compression and rebound settings, not the preload. When you adjust the preload on the ESA there is a noticeable difference in seat height because it spins a collar down on the spring. In theory, ideal sag and preload could not be adjusted perfectly unless your load was nearly the same at every trip. That said, if the OEM spring is not the right Kg/cm then adjusting preload will not do much good but it can mask the symptoms of a poorly tuned suspension. I don't know if, by starting out with the correct spring, the sequential ESA adjustments would be better when the bike is loaded. I will say this; I ignore the nomenclature (sport, comfort, etc) and preload indicators. I just play with it until I like it. For me, I have found that the "Sport" setting for valving and 1+ luggage for preload work really well.
Of course, YMMV
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