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Originally Posted by 8trackmind View Post
Here's my dumb Idea of the day; what if the rider that's local to that Tennessee park "hosts" or "guides" a day ride or a weekend camp out? Kind of like a pick up game at a basketball court? Kinda like a advrider/

Someone says; "Hohenwald, first weekend in November, BP on main. Sat, 8am. Bring a tent. All pavement. First four people to respond have the invite"

If you show, you show, if not "host" does his thing solo. (he's local so he'll be doing his thing either way)
It could be a great way to see the best stuff with a local that knows his way around...then again, it could suck. Thoughts?
Seems like a more than decent plan that would get folks together. I would likely have to start in the spring but that might give people plenty of time to pick a park and a date. Could be a lot of fun.
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