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(Not So Famous) Five Have A Moroccan Adventure

Well as I sit here in Fes I thought while I have a wifi connection I will begin my ride report.

The trip was mentioned with some riding buddies a couple of years ago and a plan was hatched. I tried to get a pass to ride on my own, but my missus was having none of it. "the going will be too tough" and "it will be too difficult two up" I protested, but it fell on deaf ears, "you're not going abroad on that bike without me" was the only reply Jack came back with. This went on for several weeks and in the end I held my hands up and had to say fair play for her digging her heels in and being so determined.

A couple of our friends we originally planned to go with had to drop out due to work commitments and an emigration to Canada, but a couple of keen friends soon came on board when the opportunity arised.

Bikes were prepped, tyres were bought and we were all set to roll........ Then Brittany Ferries (the company who we were to sail from the UK to Spain with) went on strike and suspended all crossings.

Options were weighed, phone calls, emails and texts were frantically sent back and forth, the ferry was back on..... Then off again..... Bollocks we'd not even turned a wheel and we were having an adventure!

Time to break out the savings tin!

The cash was counted and I went to get some changed into euros.

Anyway the company put on extra crossings from Poole to Cherburg and we managed to get a place on there and Chubbythumper got a ferry from Ireland to Cherbourg the day before us, so all worked out in the end.

Due to the strikes we left a couple of days earlier so we had an extra two days worth of Adventure ahead of us!

Meds were packed, not sure if Jack's gone overboard or not

The ferry arrives at Poole

The team left to right Frog AKA Pete, V Twins for me AKA Posh Rob (he's from Oxford!) Chubbythumper AKA Terry and Mrs. DeeGee AKA Jack.

Signing off for now as breakfast awaits and we have a day off the bike today to have a wander round Fez.
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