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As far as I see it, this is a well known method of keeping "customers" on a distance. Promises, promises, promises.... that are never kept. Most of the people who encounter this will stop trying and take their loss after some time. He probably knows that and plays the game like that. It does not cost him anything to write you an e-mail, or send you pictures. You can't even rely on ANYTHING he writes being true. In the past, Rumania had a very, very bad name in terms of reliability of vendors. That has changed some since the country became a EU-member.

However, I guess when you tell him to have the panniers ready next week because "a Rumanian friend" will pick them up, he will probably say that he could not do that because "they have just been shipped out". NOT of course. He is just stalling you until you give up.

I think your only chance at some point is to file official charges against him with the local police authorities and make a fuzz about it where you can. Remember, that the country IS a member of the European Union and as such is under control of Brussels to a certain level. They might not want one of their citizens ripping off European or US-citizens. Not that your personal situation would be of any priority of them, but if they receive more complaints, someone might want to go and take a look there.

Keep us posted!
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