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correct ...

if you donīt feel you need more grip.... itīs ok,... but have a look at the wear in the centre. 40 Psi is recommended for the Dakar models. 33Psi for the non - Dakarīs
Love the E09 on my DR's, and the F800GS. Look forward to using them on the R1200GSA if I do buy one.

I tended toward higher pressures after comments from Mitas. I have an E09 here that did 6500kms 2 up and lots of dirt and was still 7.8mm tread depth at centreline.

Currently my F800GS has an E07 on it that's done 8000kms of the same sort of 2 up, rocky fire trail riding. It has 7mm tread depth left, and it's the only tyre I've used where the sides are wearing as fast as the centre. I crank it over until I'm dragging footpegs and centre stand on road, The side stand foot plate extension has about 4mm worn off it. Never had an issue with them wet or dry. I run the E07 at maximum rated pressure. From -6C, rain hail or shine they've been great.

I ran the E09 at 40 psi. I had mixed results on the DR at lower pressures.

After all the tyres I've used, the Mitas are the closest to bullet proof on a big bike in the dirt.

Don't like the E09 front though. Knod depth too shallow, they tend to saw tooth quickly. But my experience of them was limited to low pressure running on the first set I bought. I've had 4 x E09 rears, 5 x C02 Stone Kings, 2 x E07. I tend to use Dunlop D952 front for pure offroad. I've used the E09, E07 front and have switched to Scorpion MT09AT on the front as a dual purpose tyre. The E07 front wore a little too much just off the centreline, mainly from 2 up fast tar and heavy braking. The Scorpion is wearing like that too, but not as bad.

In general I love the Mitas. I look forward to many many more miles on them. Keep them coming.
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