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Eh? Leaky Bevel Box

Hi, new to this forum but recently bought a 1983 R80 as a little (but maybe a bit too big) project. It's generally in good condition and I intent to turn it into a street style scrambler thing.

Anyway, noticed some oil dripping down on to the tyre and it appears there is a slight leak from the bevel box, seems to be from the main box rather than from the shaft or something. Looking at Motorworks (I'm in the UK) there appear to be a couple of main seals:

Bevel box cover gasket ( 1981 on not Paralever ) | TRA11097
Bevel box to swingarm gasket ( 1970 on ) | TRA11098
Brake shoe cam O-ring 3 required ( 1981 on ) | BRA06328
Rear drum brake cam flat washer ( all models 1970-96 ) | BRA60107

Would this lot typically fix such a problem and is it something that a reasonably incompetent DIY mechanic could do? I have hear horror stories of the bevel box!

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