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Cool2 Bike selection...

Having been riding 36 years, I have come to a conclusion, and here we go!
Ten (not top ten) reasons people pick a bike:
1. It is available
2. They can afford it
3. It is what they "think" they want
4. They believe it will be Awesome!
5. "It's not too Big..Small...etc..."
6. My wife won't care ;-)
7. Women will think it's cool
8. My buddies will think it's cool
9. Everyone will think I'm awesome!
10. I can sell it later and make $$ lol
11. (No, I can't count) I've done research, talked to a lot of people, ridden numerous bikes, thought about it at length, and made a decision that myself and my wife are happy with.
All of these reasons are real. Numbers 1-10 are from one of my friends. 11 is from me. Ride the bike you like! If someone wants you to ride another bike, invite them to buy one for you, and not to be disappointed if it sits a lot. I tend to buy things I fully expect to keep for a while and I take care of them as well. I ride hard, drive hard, play hard and I still maintain my things. Good luck!
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