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Originally Posted by KMC1 View Post
I'm actually angry FOR YOU..... This is BS....a dealer is the place you go when YOU can't figure it out. To charge you for basically wasting your time and money like that is ridiculous. A good dealer would have sent a pickup out to get you, and would have made a hotel reservation for you, and would have gotten this obvious electrical problem FIXED for you.

To just take your money for basically doing what an untrained mechanic would do, after costing you the time and money to travel home and then back, without resolution ( not to mention that HUGE towing charge - holy crap ) is just BS. I wouldn't expect that kind of treatment from any dealer - never mind a premium brand like BMW.

I'm not surprised by the dealer's actions. Many motorcycle dealers out there are dolts...poor businesspeople, poorly trained staff and inept service technicians. Many people are just not savvy when it comes to running a business; A motorcycle shop, an ice cream parlor, a lemon aid stand or President of the United States. I am a bit surprised that the dealer was unable to identify and fix the problem.
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