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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
First time I hit the freeway, this one blew out. I had the third one with me and installed it with a tent peg and a tire iron. I took the o-ring of the oil filler cap and limped home.

Where is the crankcase vent for this thing? I'm thinking maybe its pinched or clogged.

Someone finally saw beyond the symptoms...

To the OP: you need to find out WHY the cases pressurized enough to force the old sightglass out of its' hole. Simply putting a new one in doesn't cure the underlying cause, and it wlll happen again.

Fwiw, I've got a 30 year-old aircooled bike with well over 100K on it, and the OEM sightglass is still happily in place. I've known of several others like it whose owners neglected the breather system, and the sightglasses always went walkabout soon after.
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