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so I run down the street to mcdonalds just now for coffee. I went to bed last night convinced I was going to Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ for Kawasaki Race of Champions but the reality of mid 50's and steady rain sank in and I...shut the alarm off and conceded the new Fox rain parka and umbrella I bought yesterday at Moroneys would remain new and in my trunk...

so anyway I'm at window 1 paying for the coffee and the kid is looking in my car and at me while he's making change and after he gives me the change he says.."do you take pictures at Walden".. matter of fact I do.

young kid. working at mcdonalds drive through window on a sunday. I asked him his #, and told him I had some of him from last Saturday.

not exactly the fastest kid around but maybe someday my panning practice will have a very big meaning when someone is looking at this picture from last saturday's open practice.

and yes I'm a wus and wussed out on Etown. the only damn clouds over the entire goddam country are over NJ/PA/NY/CT.

I can deal with rain. I can deal with cool temps. I'm not dealing with both of them and a 4 hour round trip drive. what time are the Giants on?

849 Chris Bittles when he isn't working at McDonalds. just a kid on a RM doing more than Charles Barkley ever did in his entire so called life.

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