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I am probably way to old school for this. I have no issues with the stock wiring. I also know how to read a wiring diagram. That being said, I have totally rewired more than a few old bikes in the past, usually with a lot less wire and connections afterwards, and a few more fuses. When I used to build street rods, I would always create my own wiring harnesses and proper diagrams. It really isn't all that difficult.

But, I can see where the next generation will want to take things a few steps further. Those units look kind of interesting, but I think that I would prefer to have some seperate circuits in case something goes wrong with one. I would hate a short in the turnsignals would stop the unit from allowing the starting circuit from working, so I could get the bike home.

I like the idea of being able to pop in a replacement relay, when one fails, instead of a complete new "brain" which will cost a whole lot more.
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