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Originally Posted by DaveBall View Post
...But, I can see where the next generation will want to take things a few steps further. Those units look kind of interesting, but I think that I would prefer to have some seperate circuits in case something goes wrong with one. I would hate a short in the turnsignals would stop the unit from allowing the starting circuit from working, so I could get the bike home.

I like the idea of being able to pop in a replacement relay, when one fails, instead of a complete new "brain" which will cost a whole lot more.
Thoughts like yours came into my mind, too. And I guess I belong to the same generation as you . What still lets me tend towards the m-Unit is:
  • the BMW flasher relay (post 90) is not exactly "industry standard", like some other components. For example, I'd like to have LED flashers on this bike, so the flasher relay would have to be modified. Resitors - no way .
  • the post 90 wiring harness is not really known for long term reliability - 20+ years is some time, is it? More than one I know of went off into smoke or caused nasty stopovers. That's why I'm gonna create my own.
  • modern electronic components designed and manufactured properly are very reliable - so the chance of failure is far below that of, say, a rotor or a lot of other "critical" components.
  • all the wires meet in one small area. This makes it possible to create some emergency bypasses, which I will carry along for ease of mind. Together with a "master minus switch" which I will incorporate anyway this will allow a relatively easy emergency operation.
What remains is the price in case of failure: 250. That's why I'm so curious for experiences (esp. long term).
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