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Howdy All,

This is a continuation of day four of the rideabout. After leaving from "Better Bikes", saying goodbye to Roland and thanking him again for feeding, housing us and taking care of the rig we set off and headed toward Inmate "slow bike-small penis" home south of Sydney by a couple hundred klicks. On the way to Mark's home we rode through Woolongong National Park, what a wonderful place. We stopped in the park and had lunch, by this time it was starting to hit me how expensive everything was in Australia, our burgers were 12 dollars, the chips 3 and the can of Coke a Cola was also 3 dollars, 18 bucks for what in the States would have cost half that even in the same type of setting.

This is funny, I have told you folks about my hearing problem and how I had a hard time understanding much of what Jock said, some of this was due to my lack of hearing, much of it was due to Jock's accent and that he sometimes talks into his beard and his voice is kinda muffled. As we were walking back to the bikes we passed a site where a Aboriginal Park Ranger was giving a bunch of school kids a lecture on out back life, how they used the plants and animals, how they built shelters, etc. We stopped and listened for a minute or two, as we walked away I mentioned to Jock how I could hear and understand EVERY word the Ranger had said while he was giving his class, I told Jock I was reminded of the line in the movie "Pulp Fiction", "ENGLISH, mofoer do you speak it?" We both got a laugh out of this.

The further south we went, the colder it got. I am glad I had good gear and was getting a bit concerned about Jock as I could see that his hands were getting cold, later we would stop, Jock got some oil and cold weather gloves at a bike shop. As we rode south we rode along the coast, Jock had went ahead to shoot some video of me going along the Hwy that was built on a long bridge type thing that was half on land and half over the water. After I passed Jock where he was filming I pulled into a road side park that had a bath room. I walked up to the bath room, looked but could not find a handle to open the door As I was moving my hand near the door it must have passed through some sort of electric eye, the door magically opened, as I walked into the bath room music started to play. The toilet flushed automatically, the water from the sink and the towels were dispensed again by some sort of sensor and as I exited the bath room a recorded voice wished me a pleasant journey, life down under is a bit different then what I am used to. This is a photo of the automated bath room.

Some photos of the coast as we rode south.

We arrived at Mark's home about 20 minutes before sunset, it was quite cold out, I was glad we wouldn't be riding in the dark as you could feel the temperature dropping as the sun went down. Mark greeted us and welcomed us into his home, after we got settled into Mark's home he drove us to a club where we had a good meal and some beers. When we were again in Mark's home the drinking in earnest began and went well into the evening.

Mark provided us with many different brands of beer and wine, as the beers and wine were consumed the tall tales were told, laughs were shared and even politics were discussed in a civil manner, good folks these Aussies.

It is at this point I'll mention something that struck me as odd but its not odd when one thinks about it, its just how differently Americans view things such as drying cloths and heating our homes. PLEASE do NOT take this as a criticism of the Australian way of life, its just that its not what I as a Yank am used to. As I have mentioned the further south we rode the colder it got, when I was at Jock's home I noticed that they didn't heat the house, it wasn't cold but it was a bit chilly and I found myself wearing more cloths then usual. When we stayed with Roland in Sydney, south of Jock's home I felt cold while sleeping again no heat. It was colder still at Mark's home and I was expecting that as the evening wore on for heat to be felt as the out side and inside temperature dropped. But no heat was to be felt.

I asked Mark if we could do some laundry, he showed me to the washing machine, I loaded the cloths into the washer, when they were done I asked where the cloths dryer was, he told me he didn't have one. So we hung the wet cloths on a rack that was placed in front of an electric heater and went back to drinking beer and swapping lies. I assumed the heater would be left on at night not only to dry the cloths but to put some heat in the house. This was not to be the case, I woke up during the night and put some cloths on as I was cold in bed, the next morning our cloths were still damp as the heater had been turned off. Not meaning to offend Mark, I candidly asked Jock if he knew why there was no heat in the house, Jock looked at me and said why heat the house it wasn't cold enough for anything to freeze. So it became clear to me just how "spoiled" we Yanks really are, we take for granted that when it gets chilly out side the heat will come on rather then put on a sweater.

Day five of the rideabout, started with me taking out damp cloths and hanging them on a neighbors fence to dry in the early morning sun. This was the first time I had seen "live" kangaroo's, I had seen quite a few dead ones along side of the road but until this morning never a live one. As I was hanging the cloths, the kangaroo's were hopping around all over the yards in Mark's neighborhood. Here's a bunch of photos showing the roo's.

Whilst I was out roo watching, Mark was busy cooking up a GREAT brecky.

Look at that pile of BACON along with all the other goodies.

I tried the blood sausage, I didn't like it, but the bacon, steak, fried tomatoes, and sausage links were wonderful. What a way to start another great day down under.

YES, I got my dog fix while at Mark's home.

Mark makes me the gift of a flask, thanks Mark.

While Mark and I are talking, Jock tends to cooking.

Mark says, "Lets eat."

Jock has already dug in........

I, don't need to be told twice when it comes to eating, my ears work perfectly when food is involved.

I have some things to take care, now that breaky is done I'll pick up the ride report in a few minutes with Mark as our tour guide for the day. Stay tuned.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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