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Bluethumbs advice is only for the early '70's models that have a seal crush ring that is not brazed solid on the tube. Using that tool and method on your bike will move the entire pushrod tube if it doesn't break the crush rings brazed joint to the tube and likely cause a leak at the other end of the tube where it interference fits into the cylinder.

I re-sealed my '92 R100 when I first got it with 28,000 miles. It was leaking from everywhere. 12 years and a lot of hard miles later I had a timing cover gasket start to weep for a creeping gasket and a head gasket that started to leak oil. My pushrod seals and oil pan gaskets have never even weeped on either my '83 or '92 airheads and I got the '83 brand new!

Use a layer of Dirko spread very thin with a flat exacto blade on the cylinder base. Use just a dab on the cylinder stud O-rings and make sure they haven't fallen down on the studs right before the cylinder gets snugged up to the case. Gaskets and pushrod seals clean and dry. Scotchbrite pad remove the mold release from the pushrod tube seals inside and out and install them dry is my best advise. I very lightly lube the cylinder O-rings before I put them on the cylinders. Borrow a good inch pound torque wrench for the clean and dry sump gasket. Go round and round until they all click tight at the same time. Retorque your heads AND sump gasket after three or four heat cycles. Then check the torque on your sump bolts about once a year. IMO, checking the head torque every 24,000 miles is plenty enough. Don't back them off. Just check them and tighten them if they need it.

Spline lube? That is the clutch splines. It's a complete waste of time IMO unless your clutch is grabby from the bike setting for some years. Other than that it will not make your splines last longer in my expereince. As a professional beemer wrench I have seen tons of bikes never get their splines lubed and not be any worse for it. I have also seen many a regularly lubed spline let loose. Plus, there is a good chance of it making your clutch slip for putting too much lube on! That or having your drive shaft bolts come loose for not tightening them properly. I have seen it many times over. Personally, decades and hundreds of thousands of miles into it I lube mine when I am in there for something else which sometimes can be a LONG time.

Hard starting? Make sure your choke cables are pulling the choke levers all the way to their stops and use full choke. I highly recommend sealing the choke and throttle cable junction boxes with electrical shrink insualtion tubing. It keeps the road grime out of those boxes perfectly. Good luck!

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