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Originally Posted by bushyb View Post
To be fair I have asked this on other forums as well, these are the contenders with the number of times mentioned: Gummi-pflege 2, Peanut oil, dielectric grease, Denatured alcohol, brake fluid 2, silicone spray 3, wintergreen oil 3, liquid Ivory soap, 303 Aerospace Protectant, Pledge furniture polish2, ATF (automatic transmission fluid).
I did a small experiment with what I thought would work based on the above and what I had in the garage at hand. I cut an old bicycle tube in ˝”strips and smeared them with multi-purpose grease, old engine oil, brake fluid, aluminium deoxidiser, ATF, pledge furniture polish, carb cleaner, painter’s thinners and CRC marine spray. I can tell you the only ones that seemed to work was the CRC, painter’s thinners and carb cleaner sprays.
The thinners is no-good it just makes the rubber deteriorate. The Gummi-pflege is a known rubber product for BMW door / sun roofs rubbers etc. Maybe once its soft a little bit of furniture polish or silicone spray will keep it soft.
You know, I don't know what site it ever came from, maybe here or SOHC/4, but someone did a similar project with o-rings and a micrometer, and they had one that they didn't do anything to, for a control.
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