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Okay. All is working as expected. I am up and running and ecstatic! (The last "to do" was, apparently, tighten the frickin ground wire to the battery! :-)

Here are the parts that are left over. ;-) I know there shouldn't be left overs...but I have 2 rubber grommets, 2 washers, and a wire-retaining clip ... and I'm really not sweating it. :-) (I think the grommets are for fuel crossover lines and the washers for the battery box. Will check soon enough.)

I think I can now retire this thread...though I may edit and add on the rare occasions that I don't have my caboose cased in Corbin, reveling in the feel of a new clutch, a solid trans, well lubed splines, lots more tools and knowledge, and the beloved Big Black Beautiful Beemer (nickname BB) back on the road. :-))

Thanks again for all your advice and support!!

Gerry Brimacombe
Victoria, BC
October 7, 2012
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