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Laugh Day 13

Day 13 - Kon Tum to Buon Ma Thuot - Burn my throat

On my lonesome again I forced myself back into early starts. After an hour, just south of Pleiko, I stopped for another coffee good enough to warrant the destruction of multiple planets in celebration of its wonder, and a pack of biscuits. Witness the awesomeness-

Awesome Vietnamese coffee

Today I became obsessed with these strange abused tractor husks, there were so many in different colours, shapes, and sizes, that I began to take way too many photos of what is, essentially, fairly boring junk. Here are some studs showing off to the local ladies on theirs -

Vietnamese rude boyz

The drivers of these junktors are even more careless and nihilistic than your average Vietnamese road user, swinging huge loads into the road without a glance either way, driving at a snails pace dead centre of the road and generally being dangerous dicks. When I spotted a scene where one had t-boned a scooter, leaving a crying man sprawled in the dirt clutching a rather broken looking lower appendage, I rode over for a photo of the offending junktor, but the policeman saw me and shouted 'No photo!'

In fact everything was starting to look a bit Mad Max -
Shack town, central Vietnam

Happy working couple and their sweet ride, Vietnam

After many dusty towns, I stopped in a forest for a break under a low tarpaulin, where I had some surprisingly tasty boiled corn. From another tent across the road ran a very kind lady to give me a free slice of fresh melon and stare at me. Lovely.

Lunch spot on the road to Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam

Simple lunch, Vietnam

Three hours later, sweaty as an impassioned badger and covered in dirt, I crawled into a hotel in Buon Ma Thuot, where a stunned receptionist expressed her amazement at my voyage and amusement at my bedraggled form.

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