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No one's ponied up the information on the new forks. I suspect that's because there are simply so few out there yet, and the dissatisfaction hasn't set in with the front suspension that the Zokes had time to foster (five model years with the same kind of crappy fork). I'm not going to rebuild mine without riding them first, but I am going to at least take the caps off and measure the thread pitch and diameter for Lukas if no one else has done it by then. To tell you the truth, it's the lack of re-buildability that bothers me most on principle. I do believe that BMW engineers amazingly durable bikes, and their engines and systems seem second-to-none. That's why the second-party mediocre forks are all the more intolerable to me. Everything else on the bike can be made to suit the rider to some extent, and fairly easily repaired in the case of failure. The forks can't even be adjusted, let alone rebuilt when they fail. That's almost insulting with the price of the bike as a whole, and the par that BMW has set with the rest of the bike.
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