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65K-km (40K-miles) it wouldn't be a bad idea to check and replace the timing chain, etc. Remember to check and possibly replace the crankshaft sprocket, too.

I hope the pick up screen wasnt laying there also.
The rubber bits collected there because of the oil flow towards the screen.

(mechanic)used the red permanent locktite ...
Might try and use a soldering iron first ... if that doesn't work...
Not good practice. You'll need to heat the part to 300-400 deg F to loosen the Loctite. Soldering Iron won't work. Try and break the bolt loose first, then try heat. DON'T snap the bolt or round it off-- it'll be hell to pay to repair it.

The taper-fit rotor needs to go on the taper oil free, even fingerprint free, inside and out. No exception.

How is the enduralast rotor removed? Same "removal bolt tool" as the stock rotor?
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