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Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
You kidding? Your ride to the Yukon just shows how urgently I need to get out for a long excursion of my own. It was fun talking to you about riding today, and your report here has definitely lit a spark under my ass to get out and ride. I may not make it all the way to the Yukon, or even the MidWest, but I'm gonna get out there, you bet.

Glad to hear it, Andy!

Originally Posted by phplemel View Post
It was a wonderfull day in Whitehorse today +18c , sunny no wind. Leaves mostly off the trees but still vibrant & colorfull on the ground. Scenery just screaming to be ridden thru.
I have the honor of living, working & riding here and try not to take the Yukon for granted and reading your RR just makes sure that will NEVER happen
So I did what any of would do, I went for a ride on my Tenere
Thanks for this

BTW, I don't wish to mess with your flow, but since I own the bicycle shop where Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters resides, I must correct you on the owner's name. That lovely lady is Katya (her brother is Micha) and Yes she does make the best coffee on earth!
Keep up the great RR & thanks
How cool to hear from you, Pat! Seems to me with that outstanding bike shop of your's that you are one of the folks helping to make Whitehorse such a fantastic town.

Thanks for the correction on the name. All fixed up in the RR, now. And you can tell Katya that a pound of her Sam McGee's blend won over a bunch of hard-core caffeine addicts at my office back in Minneapolis.

Just for kicks, here's a pic of your shop.

Originally Posted by tvbh40a View Post
Good job, easy to push when everything is so far away in the great white north.

Tok to Haines, AK in the rain really gassed me pushing to make the ferry on my way home. Caught some air on some frost heaves that snuck up on me late in the day, not good on a GSA.

Loving the Report.
Thanks for reading, tvbh40a. All's well that ends well, but yeah, the "gotta get there" demon has a dangerous voice.
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