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Hi Lukas/Penultimate Guy,

I have been asking Lukas similar questions on a different thread....was about to suggest we take it off line to discuss further, but hey, lets do it here.

My situation is that I HAVE a 2009 F800GS, and I am about to trade it for a 2013GS. My forks have been revalved, and better springs, and I am pretty happy with them, but I want them to be adjustable. I want to be able to run 17/21 in the dirt, and 17/19 with tubeless road tyres on the bitumen. I want to keep the BMW twin calipers, and I want to keep abs. I do not mind if I have to use a custom or ktm wheel, but, Id prefer to keep bmw wheel. I do not mind spending money to solve this....not ludicrous amounts, but some is ok.

The way I see it, my options are as follows:

1. Trade and get 43mm WPs....wait whilst the industry works out what can be done with no likey this approach. ALternatively, drop in a 43mm KTM fork.....what KTM runs 43mm??...I cant think of anything in the last 10 yrs?
2. Trade, but keep my 45mm forks and triples, do the RXV Shiver conversion. Whoever gets my 2009 will have 43mm on their bike......I dont really like the idea of going "down" in fork size, but I honestly do not know if these are better or worse than the 45mm zokes. I weigh 115kg, and I bottomed the 43mm on my test ride....but I would do the same on a stock 45mm.

3. Fully adjustable 48mm WPs. This is what I want to do, and it is here I am ready to pick Lukas' Brain.

Id be happy to get custom triples. My thoughts are that emig racing has already jigged the top clamp, and would just need to do the bottom?...that would mean the spacing is right? Given the bmw axle is 20mm, and the ktm 30mm the issue then becomes which foot to use, and thus what axle size will work...correct? I'm assuming that using the BMW spacing, but KTM feet, and using a ktm wheel, it would be too much to expect that the twin disks would line up beautifully with the BMW calipers?.....

Which I think means you need to either custom make new "BMW" feet and use a bmw wheel, or, use a ktm triple clamp, and a ktm wheel, and shim the bmw calipers to fit?

Am I on the right track?
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