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For my own part, I don't plan to be using this thing like a dirt bike (it's not one; just too big and heavy), but as a true Adventure bike. I want it to be able to go over some very rough stuff without jarring me out of the saddle and also let me retain some feel on the road/trail. I'm not going to be doing days on end of single track. That being the case, I want the ability to dial in the suspension to fit me (96 kilos in-gear), and be able to rebuild the suspension when needs dictate. From a road-use standpoint, it'd also be nice to just eliminate the brake dive.

The full-motocross conversion is likely a bit too rich for my blood, but I'd love to be able to find a way to upgrade the stock forks enough to handle all of the stuff I want to do without the forks or me taking damage.
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