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Ok, here are some of my Day 4 shots. Camping in the open desert, the sun came up early and IT WAS COLD! Frost on the seats of the bikes.

I climbed up on a small hill to try to catch some sun and get warm.

Zen Master Bill:

My 610 and its "dirt wall" kickstand:

Here is a rare picture of Mastermarine, who was usually in the lead. I think I was ahead because of my wild horse chase mentioned above.

Here is a picture of the infamous mud hole that the guys encountered last year, complete with their wheel marks. In the foreground is my GPS setup: A Garmin 62csx that I use for displaying topo maps and capturing tracks (spool to memory card). The other is an older Garmin 276c, which I use most of the time to display our route and an alternate map set. Besides these two GPS units, I also have pages cut out of the Oregon/Nevada Benchmark guides and custom maps that we printed to topo and route information.

Miles and miles of open desert and barb wire fences:

The crew confers:

This is another water crossing that apparently was much deeper last year. This year it was just good for a little splash:
Dr Dan:

Duckspanker Chuck:

Wild Bill and some KLR action:

Mastermarine likes it:

After a very long (30 mile?) gravel road and a short pavement blast to get gas, we ended up on Paradise Valley. Unfortunately the Cafe was closed as everyone in town was at a funeral.

A bad ass looking Husky and a nice wall to hold it up:

Strange alien hieroglyphics or ranch brands?

Then it was up, up, up out of the valley:

Ok, enough for now. You and Mr. Lizard will just have to hang out and wait for the rest of the Day 4 posts. Lots of amazing scenery and some mechanical McGiver stuff upcoming!


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