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"Good grief, haven't even got the bike and already trying to change what you "think" is a lousy component?"

I understand whatyou're saying, and as I said, this is more just me finding ways to occupy idle time than anything serious yet. I will ride the bike before I do anything, and I'm not simply taking it as read that the suspension sucks on the 2013s as well.

That being said, the sheer physics of them reducing the size of the fork doesn't bode well. Neither does the fact that, with all of the other changes that were made and widely-lauded by BMW's marketing department, the suspension swap wasn't amongst them. In fact, it was so surreptitious as to be unknown to a number of the dealers, it seems. If they had actually improved the suspension, would they be so hushed-up about it?

At the end of the day, I'm mostly miffed about having a long-standing plan in the form of the Shiver swap pulled out from under me. I'd actually ridden on those forks, and knew that at least the brake dive would have to be remedied. Consider the research into my options should these forks prove to be as soft as my way of assuaging anxiety.

At any rate, thanks for the call to sanity. It's just that I haven't actually gone crazy just yet.
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