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I'm not surprised by the dealer's actions. Many motorcycle dealers out there are dolts...poor businesspeople, poorly trained staff and inept service technicians. Many people are just not savvy when it comes to running a business; A motorcycle shop, an ice cream parlor, a lemon aid stand or President of the United States. I am a bit surprised that the dealer was unable to identify and fix the problem.
I'm really not sure I would have paid this dealer after putting me through the time and expense of traveling back and forth and being without my bike like that. Had they fixed it, then at least they could say they took care of the problem - even if they were very inefficient at doing so.
It's just not right. And now what? Send the guy home (which he could have just done at the time it happened) on the bike, not even knowing if its going to leave him stranded? What kind of dealer would do that? Not one who is a true motorcyclist, anyway. And then to take two trucking grand on the fiasco?! Just obscene. I'd be burning up the phone line with BMWNA I can tell ya that. That dealer is obviously not meeting the standards to be a dealer and have the franchise.

And I agree with you, a kid who ran a lemonade stand would at least understand a privileged upbringing combined with some unicorn farts and rainbows don't negate the damage and ignoramus can do to a business.... Or a country.....
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