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HP2E mods coming

i have a pending sale for my G650X-challenge which means I will have some funds to fix/improve my HP2E. firstly it needs a new rear drive
secondly, the fork tube is shot which is OK as i plan on calling FBI to discuss alternatives as the front end is still too soft for me even after installing heavier springs and fork oil. I have also decided that ill be doing much more on-road riding moving forward and am installing the supermoto wheels/tires and leaving them on for a season or two. This means i need to improve the front brake as it is great for off road but a litlle underwhelming for aggressive on road riding. It would be great to know what experiences folks have had with the front brake alternatives out there that would work for street riding? I will also be looking at rear shock if i don't run out of money first. I cant wait to get started!
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