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Originally Posted by grisezd View Post
Ag Streak, I see that you have fiberglass listed, but the tub looks pretty nice in ply! Is that a mold, or will you glass over the wood? Can't wait to see where this goes.

I've been thinking of old aircraft construction for a tub, wooden framework and doped fabric. Or canoe-like, with ply bulkheads, wood strips, and glass over the wood.

And in a straight-up thread redirection, can I get some opinions about whether crashworthiness is a consideration in a tub? It seems like not so much, much like a motorbike itself.
Thanks, guys... Not a mold. I'm going to have it glassed right over the structure you see. I spoke to a friend in the boat building trade yesterday, and he's going to do it for me. When I finish the framing, I'll drop it off with him. He's going to use WEST-like epoxy inside and out (same stuff but a different brand he recommends), tape all the seams inside, wrap it in a layer or two of cloth on the outside, and either gelcoat or Imron it gloss black.

A couple of thoughts... I think crash worthiness will be adequate. The glass cloth will provide containment if it ever crashes with enough force to smash the wood. I'm not worried.

Also, I thought about the strip-building technique too, and I think it would be beautiful to leave it bright-finished, but both it and stitch and glue would result in a really LIGHT structure. I WANT the weight so I don't have to engineer in any ballast.
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