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E07's on my 12gsa are my go to tire now. Can go get mucky, blast gravel, and scrape pegs all in the same ride (like.... yesterday) and it works.

For once, us canucks get the deal. Free shipping, and cheap prices from mx1canada.

Only thing that worries me is they've produced a Dakar version of the tire, and seem to be phasing out the older version. This one works, I really hate when a company fucks with something like this, it ALWAYS turns out worse for the consumer. ALWAYS.

Let's just say I have no false hopes of corporate benevolence. Just look at that Heidenau pos for proof. Yeah, a solid center strip on a tire meant to go offroad is a good idea...

Kinda making me wanna go get 3 or 4 sets of the old tires and store them until I need them. But getting a 1k PO for tires past the minister of the interior ain't gonna be easy... or advisable.

E09's? Have a set, with 10 kms at most on them. Full offroad tire, and I don't think that front would last for shit. Little meat on it, small knob size, I think I'd cook it in under 1k. I look at it as a one time use tire: use it for the weekend, then turf it. The rear has lots of meat on it, that one's a keeper.
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