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Originally Posted by GAS GUY View Post
It has been awhile but basicly the most common Feeling is when getting on it hard the bike feels like it cuts out till you let off the throttle.
There has been discussion on advrider about it You will have to use google and search as I don't remember all the details.

Or does your bike stay smooth but just run out of power??
Could the clutch be slipping ? Do the rpms go up when it happens ?
Maybe the fuel injectors are not flowing enough ?
I looked up that transmission fault you referred to and I don't think that matches my symptoms at all. I red that the problem is in 5th gear under a load. However my issue can be in any gear under heavy load or WOT. I am going to clean the Injectors and throttle bodies today and report what I find.

The fuel pump was replaced because of the flaking in the fuel tank. The tank liner got into the old fuel pump and clogged it up as well as the fuel filter and caused them both to fail.

As far as fuel tank venting, I rode the bike a couple weeks ago with the fuel filler cap open and still had the same symptoms. With regards to the aftermarket pipe. The bike was running fine both before and after I installed it. This surging problem is very recent.

I still suspect that the TPS is most likely bad, but I want to rule out all other options before I go replacing it because its a $150 part. Ill have an update after I clean the fuel injectors and throttle bodies. Thanks for everyone's input!
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