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Originally Posted by Mitas View Post
.... thanks for the notice....

....especially when you run fully loaded through the desert of South Africa or China you might need a really bullet proof tyre.
I can understand that requirement. But if we're to be honest, out of 1000 rear E07's made, what are the odds that even one will be riding those places? Many of us dream of it, but damn few manage to pull it off.

Like I said, it's already a damn good tire. I run offroad two-up, camping, so it's full load. If it can handle what I throw at it (and I'm not a little guy myself), then I'm sold. Compared to the competition (and I've tried all but the Mefos), you guys have got a winner. Good life, good handling, good bite on AND off road (I think everyone here who does both knows how hard that is to find), and a good price.

I just hope that this tire doesn't have happen to it like the Scouts did: new and 'improved', and it was a shit tire. I can't even give them away.

It's nice to see you're here discussing the product, it's so rare these days that a customer can see that when we talk to customer service, that it is no more than just lip service. Thank you for this. I'm sure we differ in opinion on things, but well... that's what makes the discussions more interesting.

Time to go wear out some more tires.
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