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Originally Posted by backtodirt View Post
great report so far Mr Cob! Welcome to down under I am off on a ride for 3 weeks towards Melbourne then off to the flinders ranges in late October, I hope we cross paths!

When it comes to heating here, as you were discussing prices of the hamburger being expensive so is power/electrcity, we down here are not subsidised for power at all and a quaterly bill in a normal house now can be anywhere upwards of $700 so putting on a jumper is often the cheapest way to heat!

I have now purchased 3 bikes from Roland at Better Bikes over the years and a cleaner, better run shop in Sydney you will not find, they know their second hand bikes here!

Need any help or parts PM me and I will help you guys out, that legend Jock will look after you well, look after him as well, Enjoy the ride!
Howdy backtodirt,

I must have forgotten to include in the first post of this ride report that my time in Oz was from July 23rd to August 23rd of 2012, I have been home for a while and just now got around to writing this ride report. Thanks for your post and explanation of utility costs etc. The cost of electricity where I live is also expensive, we pay around 200 bucks a month and we have some of the largest hydro-electric dams in the nation in our State, much of the power generated in the State I live in is sent to other States where it is sold at a cheaper rate then what we pay, that's politics for you.

Jock and all the Aussies I met whilst in your country took very good care of me, Jock is now riding in the USA and is staying with folks all over the country, he'll be back in Oz by the end of this month. Jock is a good mate and great fun to ride with.
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