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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post
I hate having anything rammed down my throat, and many of us feel that way about alcohol in gasoline. But gasoline can have its octane boosted. The three most recent boosters have been lead (poisonous), MTBE (carcinogenic) and ethanol (corrosive to older materials and intoxicating ;-) ).

My approach now is to accept it and boost fuel delivery to work better with it (4% more fuel needed plus whatever else you choose to add, 6% in my case). 10% more fuel takes about 20% higher fuel pressure and a shift in the O2 sensors lambda setting from 1 to 0.94. Ethanol works fine. Here's a racing article: Ethanol in Racing.
The WHO has determined that MTBE is NOT a carcinogen. It is still used as a fuel oxygenate in other parts of the world with success. Also, it is made from low cost natural gas, abundant here in the US.

MTBE was finding its way into ground water around leaking fuel tanks and imparting an undesirable taste and odor in groundwater. Instead of mandating the repair of the leaking tanks (a rather simple solution), the EPA mandated ethanol replace MTBE.....and, the rest is history.

BTW, your boxer is not powered by an airplane engine nor can it fly so, don't use AVGAS. Listen to Anorak....he knows.

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