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Originally Posted by marty hill View Post
That's on hell of an over reach. Lousy dealer, not BMW! I just had 2 expensive parts replaced by a good dealer and BMW.
And yes, my bike is and was out of wty. If your going to throw rocks, work on your aim.
I don't think it's an over-reach at all. Whomever was contacted at BMW, rather than saying something like "I'll pass your concern on to the local rep." or "We'll look into it", or having the balls to say "We stand by our dealerships and parts-swapping is the preferred troubleshooting method because (insert excuse here), no matter what the outcome or expense.", chose to divert the answer to something totally irrelevant. The issue is not that the bike broke down, or whether it is under warranty, it's that the dealer charged $2000 for not fixing it. The customer service rep with BMW NA is either too stupid to understand the issue or too much of a pussy to try and address it.

Personally, I DO think the OP should pay something, even if the dealer missed an obvious issue. It certainly seems like the mechanic did a fair amount of work on the bike. It wasn't clear to me whether the dealer said they would keep plugging away at it in their spare time or whether the OP said "No more work unless you do it for free." - at which point the bike was pushed to the back of the shop and ignored.

Not fixing the bike is an annoyance which may or may not point to incompetent mechanics but the size of the bill is the potential injustice IMO. I would probably have paid with a credit card when I picked the bike up, then disputed the charge and used that as leverage to get the dealer to cut back his bill - but only after having a chat with the GM to get his position on why he believes the charge is justified - The answer to that question (or how it was dodged) is what would show the dealer's true character.
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