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Originally Posted by NW Cascade Rider View Post
So after removing, cleaning, re installing, screaming and banging, and a little bit of probing, I think I have found my problem. I have a bad coil pack and or plug wires. The bike has 66K miles on it right now and some how I'm not all that surprised.

I came to this conclusion because after I got done re installing the cleaned TB's and injectors the bike would hardly start (cold). I then removed the injectors from the TB's to make sure there was fuel flowing, and found that both injectors were working flawlessly.

I then moved on to inspect any miss connected linkages and security of injector harnesses and fuel fittings and found no fault. The few minutes it did actually run, albeit rough, I found that only the Left jug was heating up and the Right jug was getting warm, but very slowly... I pulled the wire out (not while running) on the right and plugged in a spare spark plug I had and found that the spark was a weak orange red. I re inserted the Right plug wire and cross checked the Left jug and found the same symptom. So that tells me definitively that I have either a bad coil or bad plug wires. Either way I am going to replace both.... Again any thoughts and input is appreciated!
Note that the 1100 has a wasted spark and a dual output coil. Every time the ignition fires, the spark energy essentially makes a loop, jumping the plug gap in both plugs at once. While a weak coil will definitely make the bike run badly, especially at high throttle openings, it should affect both cylinders equally. If it is only affecting one cylinder then the problem could lie with a short to ground from one coil terminal, one plug lead or inside one plug cap. Replacing the whole lot is probably a smart move anyway.
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