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Originally Posted by slartidbartfast View Post
Note that the 1100 has a wasted spark and a dual output coil. Every time the ignition fires, the spark energy essentially makes a loop, jumping the plug gap in both plugs at once. While a weak coil will definitely make the bike run badly, especially at high throttle openings, it should affect both cylinders equally. If it is only affecting one cylinder then the problem could lie with a short to ground from one coil terminal, one plug lead or inside one plug cap. Replacing the whole lot is probably a smart move anyway.
It was firing on both cylinders, it just seemed to favor the Left jug a bit more. But the spark on both cylinders was very weak. And both TB's showed evidence of back fire / miss fire. Again, missing more in the Right jug than the left. I was not aware that the Ignition fired both cylinders at the same time. that being the case, Is there a good alternative coil or a coil with the same part number that would be a good replacement? If I could find a coil that had the same ohm and voltage output that would be sweet.
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