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Flat Rear Tire

Got my second flat rear tire in 11,000 miles and as before re-installing the wheel is a PITA. Almost impossible to do by your self, especiallly if you're in some back road area in the dirt. Both times the only way to get the wheel on was to remove one brake pad and limp home with just the front brake. Found out that on my rear caliper, the floating pins that compensate for pad ware were rusty and made adjusting the caliper to fit the rotor very difficult. Spent some time this morning oiling them to get them sliding smooth.
Still mounting that wheel by yourself is a big PITA. Anyone have a tip on how this is done to make it easier for one person to mount the wheel?
I can get the wheel off, change the tube, air it up, but getting it back on it's a %^&*$< *&^%#) in the ass. Not enough arms and hands.

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