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Stolen YZ465's in Maryland -RECOVERED TODAY!

Well boys, I received some great news today at lunchtime!

My two stolen YZ465's were found in the back of an apartment complex about 2 miles from where they were taken .

Police called just as I was sharing the story with guys at work. They were discovered in a ravine by an apartment maintenance man (yes, he will be rewarded!). He called the police who in turn called me.

It looks to me like the knuckleheads never got them started. These 465's can take some kicking if you dont know the drill .
My guess is they eventually got frustrated and so then sent them for a ghost ride down the ravine. Obviously they had no idea they were in possession of the now famous AVDrider YZ465 Factory Replica!

Fortunately, they are not too badly damaged. Mostly broken levers, bent fenders and side panels.

One of the rear tires was knocked partially off the rim and that make it difficult to roll. We had a heck of a time getting them out and I re-injured my back in doing it. I was very fortunate to have three Baltimore County Police Officers who went beyond the call in assisting me in recovering them from the ravine. They got down there with me, in the pricker bushes and slick muddy slopes. They did a great deal of hard work in getting them out. I cant say enough about them and will surely
be writing a letter of appreciation.

Now that I have them back I have recorded the frame and motor numbers. Something I had not gotten around to doing. I also replaced the front door to the garage yesterday. The new door does not have a window.

Several folks suggested I lock them up even when stored indoors and I will be doing that. You can bet I am working to tighten the overall security around here!

The thieves themselves have not yet been identified although police did lift prints off the garage door . After surveying the situation, one officer said these guys were not very bright, and that if not for this offense, they would eventually be caught for something .

Here is a photo of the two bikes in the ravine. Trust me, the slope is much steeper than it looks!

As you can imagine, I am really happy to have recovered these these. Especially the one that has been the focus here as I have so much time in it.

Looks like the YZ Factory Racer thread continues!

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