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Originally Posted by FJ_Kevin View Post

How is the clutch pull on your bike? My IT490 is pretty stiff even with a new cable. It was pumping my arm up in the tight woods. I have a clutch arm extender arm that I am going to give a try. I dont know about you but when I stalled mine in the woods I had to fish for neutral before restarting so I light it up again without risking too many kicks!

BTW, I got some very very good news today!
Kevin, I HOPE your babies are coming home!!!!

Clutch pull is not much of an issue, not 125 light by any means but not that stiff. As you know you can leave this bike in 3rd gear and get around 90% of stuff just fine. I shoot/flush WD40 down the cable the night before and that cleans and lubes well. I will get an extender though as a lighter pull would make fanning the clutch that much nicer; man you could really throw some dirt then. Yes, I went for neutral also just to make things EZ'er to start.
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