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well i'm not sure what happened last week that this didn't work out.
started over again today and things seem to be lining up well.

at first, the set of points I arbitrarily set upon starting with first wasn't riding the cam at all. I reset the gap, and when I dialed it in it opened at the correct time, or at least there abouts. Still fine tuning

Anyway, I'm not sure what the issue was.
perhaps I didn't tighten down that set of points well last week, and when it when through the motions, the cam bumped it out past the point of travel when it would contact the cam. Or perhaps the genius of stainlesscycle was right, and I may have adjusted the points when it was not on the lobe of the cam, but somewhere (anywhere) else in the cycle.

So I think I'm clear. I'll keep fiddling in my precious moments of free time.
and probably come up with something else to keep you all occupied.

Pics were promised.

as she sits:

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