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Originally Posted by Mr. Canoehead View Post
Didn't Top Gear do a piece on Baltic countries? All the cars that they looked at that came from the UK (ie right hand drive) were stolen from the UK and shipped to the Baltic countries to be sold cheap. You'd have to assume that the bikes got there the same way.

For you guys who think that the UK measures speed in kph, still uses Whitworth size spanners and uses the Euro - you need to get out more! Take a motorcycle trip to the UK - it is motorcycle heaven.
heh, you missed your homework, too. Top Gear never did in Baltics, so the rest part of the story about stolen cars from UK in there is crap. Try one more time, now using key word "Balcans" ;)
Motorcycles? Sure - they use less fuel than cars, and motorcycles are easier to maneuver, park etc. But, deep down, the True Secret is: Motorcycles Are Fun!
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